About [CUTE]

Cute was formed at GW2's release, and has been active ever since. We have members of all ages, the majority is over 20. Some of our members have been playing since the dawn of time, others started later on and others are new to the game. We've got a mix of very active, casual, and social players and we like to keep a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. The guild is active at all hours, there's usually someone around all hours but it does tend to be quieter around work/school hours. We like to troll each other a bit in guild chat or on TeamSpeak, but we don't put up with drama or bullying.

Why did we make Cute?

The guild was created with the view that it should be a place where its members could feel welcome, happy, relaxed and part of something bigger and better. A place where you can ask for help and not think about whether someone will look down on you or laugh at you. In our view, a guild is your family, the place you go to have fun, socialize with friends and maybe forget about a stressful workday or school day.

What we offer:
  • PvP Guild Hall Arena
  • Guild Events
  • Public Discord
  • Website and Facebook Group
  • A Friendly Community
  • Ever growing Guild Hall
  • Steam Community

What are the Cuties doing?

Since we have a large variety of players, you can often find our members doing different things. We like running wvw together as a guild although we do not always have the number with us, but that don't take away our fun, we will join other guilds, run for ourselves and take camps, towers or follow a commander. On most days you will generally find our members asking and joining both dungeons and fractals. Whether the members are doing Silverwaste event/chest farm, Frostgorge Sound champion farm or World Bosses, a waypoint will always be linked in guild chat. There are some members who are active pvp'ers, and we will therefore try to be more active when it to comes to pvp. The demand for this activity has increased, especially at PvP seasons, where some choose to queue up solo, others duo queue and some are open for anyone to join. Active Event schedule can be found HERE.

We are doing:
  • World vs. World
  • Player vs. Player
  • Fractals
  • Guild Events
  • Dungeons
  • Silverwaste Farming
  • Meta Events
  • Weekly Guild Missions
  • PvE Raid