Cute has been kicking ass and taking names since the dawn of time and we’re looking for some like-minded players to join us. We are a casual guild who likes doing dungeons, fractals and events together and are always on the lookout for new members to join our guild. We are also looking for more active wvw players who can join us in our guild runs. That does not mean you can't be involved in our pve related things.

We welcome social applications from anyone who’d be a good fit for Cute. You don’t have to have friends here already but we do usually ask that Cute is your main Guild, unless we have an agreement.

Do we take people under 18? Yes and no. It depends on the individual member’s behavior. We give all our new members, under 18, the opportunity to show they can be responsible for themselves and their actions. It's not a problem if you are under 18 and you already know people in the Guild who can vouch for you.

Do I have to be on any specific server to join Cute? You are welcome in the guild no matter which server you're on. If you want to go to WvW with the guild it will be a problem since you can't go in WvW cross-servers. If, however, you mostly play PvE/PvP then it is no problem at all.

Do we accept low level characters? Yes. We don't mind what level you are, what class you play or if you are new to the game. Most of us have alts we want to level up, so we might be able to join you sometimes.

How busy is the guild? We have about 25-45 people online at peak hours, and around 10-20 the rest of the time.

Recruitment Application Form

To become a member of Cute, please fill out the recruitment form below. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Note: Only members with permission to recruit will be able to see your application, NOT the whole guild.

What do you usually spend your Guild Wars time doing? (Note, you can select multiple options).

PvE Dungeons
Fractal Playing with friends
Doing Achievements Going for 100% map completion
Running around slaying things Other stuff

Are you a bot?
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