We are a Cute guild where the members feel like they are home. We are like a family, and our members feel safe and that they belong in the guild. The atmosphere is friendly and outgoing. This is something we are proud of, and wish to keep it that way. That's why we would ask people to follow these simple rules for the guild to continue being amazing and awesome

If you're planning on introducing a new feature or event to the guild, please check with the leaders that we're not already planning or doing it. Also, because it represents the image of the guild, it needs approval.

Chat Rules / Guidelines click for more info +

It is always nicer to reply to questions or requests in the guild chat, instead of not replying and the person asking, feeling ignored. Even if the person asking didn't ask you in particular or even if you don't know the answer or can't help. You can basically type "i don't know" or "can't at the moment"/"maybe later" as it will create a more active and friendly/family atmosphere instead of people feeling ignored. The fact that you replied, will be appreciated by all.
  • Don't use caps in guild chat. Typing with caps can appear like shouting!
  • Avoid offensive language & subjects in guild chat. (We have members of all ages & from all over the world – We want everyone to feel welcome.
  • Bullying will not be tolerated under any circumstances. (Making fun of someone because of their race, age, gender or sexual preferences is unacceptable and will be dealt with accordingly.)
  • Don’t ask guild members for free gold or items. (While we’re a community of helpful, friendly players, begging is annoying.)
  • It's okay to ask for help with a loan, but don't keep asking till someone gives you what you need.
  • Don't be a lemming. (You should know the guild rules, if you see someone acting out of line, don’t follow them!)

General rules and Respect click for more info +

  • Be respectful of your guildies. (We have a lot of people in the guild, therefore people can come from different countries, cultures, backgrounds and ages. Something you may find to be normal, might be offensive to others)
  • Help each other out. (We have all had times where we need a helping hand to achieve something, it’s always nice to do the same for someone else.)
  • Think before you speak. Something said in jest may not come across that way to others. (Always be careful with trolling, jokes or meme's)
  • Treat your fellow guild members how you would like to be treated
  • If a member says stop, you stop. (If someone feels something is disrespectful for them, then such a conversation should be stopped. We dont know what happened in each other's lives, so something said or done might trigger a bad memory for someone, so if they ask you to stop then do so straight away so it doesn't get worse)
  • Always try to involve members, new as well as old, in events/activities. (We are all a family here and some of us have real life friends in the guild also. It's never easy to join a new guild and even harder to try and fit in)
  • If you have a problem with a guildie, try to solve it between you in private before turning to guild leaders or officers. (We are a large group of people and problems can happen. Try to take screenshots of the issue to help the guild leaders & officers resolve the problem)

Open world respect click for more info +

  • Show the same level of respect to players outside the guild as you would your guildies. (Be nice to people outside the guild, such as map chat, say and whispers. Any bad behavior or toxicity reflects badly on the guild.)
  • Be helpful to players around you. (If you see someone down, try and res, you might know what it's like not being helped when you are in that situation. Random acts of kindness will make you and the guild look better.)

Guild Missions and Events click for more info +

  • Guild missions is a free-2-join event. (You can join at the beginning, midway or near the end of the guild missions, and leave if you need to go somewhere at any time.)
  • We use voice chat during some events (Be sure to have installed Discord and joined our server.) Although we’d love you to, you don’t have to talk if you don’t want to but please listen in as it makes coordinating events so much easier! Also nice just to talk and get to know each other.
  • Event participation (Joining isn’t a must but it's highly appreciated, and we love seeing our members take part in the events we plan and having fun with you all.)

Scribe and Decorations

  • Don't remove other peoples decorations, unless you have a persmission to do so
  • If you place decorations, but no longer need or want them where they are, then please remove the decoration right away
  • Try to not place decorations in areas where people wont go, such as on top of the Hall or in a corner somewhere.
  • Keep the middle waypoint (spawn area) clear of all decorations.

Guild Bank

  • Items taken from the guild bank must be used/equipped by a member of the guild.
  • Feel free to take items from the guild bank for your own use.
  • Don't take and sell items from the guild bank.
  • If you take something from the guild bank, it would be appreciated by everyone who uses it if you give something back when you can. There would be no guild bank to use if everyone just took!


  • If you are taking an extended break please notify the guild officers or leaders. This includes holidays, exam periods or anything else that will take you away from the game for more than 1 month.
  • Any member that has not logged on for over one month, will receive an in-game mail detailing why and how to get back into the guild.