Fractal Fever - Event
 Posted 04 Jan 2018 

From a mysterious member

Fractals can be scary and dangerous and with this event i want to bring people together to introduce to it but also to find your inner cuteness. I want you to do the Volcanic fractal together fella cuties. On the end of the Fractal make a screenshot and post it here with all the people names clearly. Wich level the Volcanic Fractal is, is no issue. now here are some rules:

- Always keep positive.
- No rush.
- Leave no member behind
- Fight with honor
- You can join multiple volcanic fractals but you will only get one ticket for the give-away
- If you have open spots in the party take random people along and on the end thank them for the party!

This is where it gets interesting: Every Cute member on the screenshot will be listed on the give-away list, there will be one winner for the give-away and on the end the winner + the reward will be revealed. this event will be lasting till the 20th and on the 21th after guildmissions the winner will be announced.
The screenshot can be added here below or uploaded on the website using the "Fractal Fever" button at the top.

Unimportant information you might wanna skip

Some day i will reveal myself when the time is right. If you got a clue who i might be, i will deny everything and will convince you the earth is flat.
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-= Giveaway =-
 Posted 23 Dec 2017 

Hi cuties! It's the time for giving, so why not another giveaway?

This one is really easy to participate in, all you have to do is to login and click the gift icon in the banner, then type in the following: "CUTE", and you are in the competition to win awesome prizes! :snowman1:

Good luck and a very CUTE Christmas xx <3
 Posted by, MissMojo 
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Attention Cute Crusaders & Soldiers!
 Posted 19 Dec 2017 

Hey Crusaders!

We have been keeping an eye on this rank for some time now, and want to find out a little bit more information from you guys about reasons for repping/not repping etc and what we as a guild can do to improve.
We have prepared a short survey for you guys to complete, should only take 5 minutes :)

This is compulsory for anyone with the Cute Crusader & Cute Soldier rank, and we will need it done in the next 3-4 weeks before we look at addressing some of the issues.

We look forward to hearing from you!
 Posted by, ShadowSpirit 
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Christmas Screenshot
 Posted 14 Dec 2017 

Go to a cute and cozy Xmasy or snowy area and take a Winter-Xmas-inspired screenshot there. You don't need to make your character look Xmasy, but you can if you wish even though judges won't put it in consideration.

You can use your mount or have more people in it, but only the participant who will win. The best looking screen will win the reward ^^. Removing UI always helps, (ctrl+shift+h) Unless you changed it under settings.

The Screenshot can be mailed to, sent as a private message on Discord or private chat on Facebook.

There will be more than one winner and some yummy prizes
The event will end Tuesday 19th 23:00 server time
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Guild Photo Halloween 2017
 Posted 12 Nov 2017 

The spookiest (cutest?) picture of the year is finally here!

Note: This is the first draft, another version will come.
Still need to add some of the cuties that weren't able to be there, but really wanted to - Ahh, photoshop, you devilish piece of software <3

Full size photo:
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Pumpkin Throne
 Posted 31 Oct 2017 

Hey Cuties :)

I have a treasure hunt for you :D I have hid 78 Pumpkins around the guild hall for you guys to find. You have till around this time the 3rd Nov to find as many pumpkins as you can, and the one who finds the most wins the main prize. There are prizes for the 2nd most and 3rd as well.

There are just a few simple rules
- 1. Not to share the location of the pumpkins that you find with anyone.
- 2. When you find a pumpkin, you must take a screenshot of it. Then, you must upload all the screenshots on the website, where you will see a button on the top called "Pumpkin Throne Event!".
- You can also upload them to and send me a link on Discord/Facebook

If you dont have an account on the website - Go to and make one - The secret password is ChuCute2BTrue)
If you got an account but can't remember the password, then you are doom, doooomed I tell you. Im kidding, then let me know and I'll will look into it.

I wish you all happy hunting and exploring of the guild hall - If you have any questions, you can come to me, Miss Mojo :D
- A couple of hints, there are no Pumpkins hidden in any of our guild hall jumping puzzle, and there is a sample Pumpkin at spawn way-point in case people don't know what the pumpkin look like :)
- All pumpkins can be found without help of mounts and glider, just keep ur eyes open
- The sample Pumpkin dont count

1 - 700 gems for the store
2 - x1 Black Lion Claim Ticket
3 - x2 stacks of Trick-or-Treat Bags
 Posted by, MissMojo 
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Inc event
 Posted 31 Oct 2017 

Hey Cuties :)
There will be an upcoming, starting later today. As soon as I post the event text, the event begins, and will continue till the 3rd Nov. :smile: So be on the lookout, to try and win delicious prizes.

- For the event you would need an account on the website. Go, and create your account, if you dont already got one.
Or an account
 Posted by, MissMojo 
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 Posted 29 Oct 2017 

A little Lottery reminder. For those who dont know :D

<3 Buying a ticket for the lottery:
- You can pay for 1 week at a time, 2, 3 or all 4 weeks all at once.
- A ticket cost 5g pr week
- You can buy max one ticket pr week.

<3 How does it work:
- There's one winner pr week
- There's 3 weekly and 1 monthly
- 50% of the weekly gold will go to our monthly lottery
- We find the winner Sunday each week.
- When you buy a weekly ticket you will have the possibility to win that week.
- The winner get 50% of the gold collected (other 50% will go to monthly)
- We use a random name picker to find our winners

<3 Monthly lottery:
- The 5g ticket you buy for the monthly (week 4) will all go to monthly + the 50%x3 from each weekly = A lot of money
- The amount of times you join weekly, your name will be added to the random name picker. The more you join the bigger your chance are.

//Mojo xx
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Halloween Screenshot Giveaway
 Posted 25 Oct 2017 

-= Screenshot Giveaway=-

Hey Cuties :D
It's time again for a giveaway .o/

It's really easy :D All you have to do is:
- Take a Halloween-like screenshot
- Your character have to be on the screenshot
- One screenshot pr member
- Remember to remove UI / User-interface (Ctrl+shift+H) unless you changed the keybind

Once you've taken a screenshot, you can send it to me as follows:
- Facebook private message
- Discord private message

The winner can pick between x1 Halloween weapon or x2 War God's Weapon skins

I will find a winner after Guild Missions Sunday the 29th

Good luck with the picture :D

//Mojo xx
 Posted by, MissMojo 
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Halloween Photo
 Posted 22 Oct 2017 

Hey Cuties :D
It's time for our yearly Halloween guild photo, wubba lubba dub dub.
The spot have been made, and decorated, in the Guild Hall where the picture will be taken.
I added some guidelines below to make it easier for me to get some good screenshots, and to avoid members being blocked by balloons/kites and so.

- Feel free to use infusions
- You can dress up as you are, evil or cute looking. Its Halloween, you can be anything
- Please dont use "Endless Miniature Tonic" or "Endless Embiggening Tonic"
- Don't do emotes as it might ruin the perfect screen
- You might need to hide your back item if its to big, but we will see
- Hide minis and ranger pets so they dont obstruct other cuties

Day and time:
Saturday - 28/10-2017 - at 17 CET / 5pm
I will start gathering 30 mins before. Placing and taking the screens can take 30-45 mins.

Hope to see you all there <3
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This is Halloween, this is Halloween
 Posted 17 Oct 2017 

Hey Cuties <3

We will be doing a guild photo for Halloween ^^ Woop Woop. So get your best looks or scariest looks ready (Gear or outfit). Keep checking on Facebook, Discord and in motd - for the announcement of the day and time.
It will be a little week into Halloween, coz we will try and craft some Halloween decorations for the guild hall, to make the picture look cool and scary.

Hope to see you all there <3
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Lottery :D
 Posted 15 Sep 2017 

A little Lottery reminder. For those who dont know :D

<3 Buying a ticket for the lottery:
- You can pay for 1 week at a time, 2, 3 or all 4 weeks all at once.
- A ticket cost 5g pr week
- You can buy max one ticket pr week.

<3 How does it work:
- There's one winner pr week
- There's 3 weekly and 1 monthly
- 50% of the weekly gold will go to our monthly lottery
- We find the winner Sunday each week.
- When you buy a weekly ticket you will have the possibility to win that week.
- The winner get 50% of the gold collected (other 50% will go to monthly)
- We use a random name picker to find our winners

<3 Monthly lottery:
- The 5g ticket you buy for the monthly (week 4) will all go to monthly + the 50%x3 from each weekly = A lot of money
- The amount of times you join weekly, your name will be added to the random name picker. The more you join the bigger your chance are.

//Mojo xx
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Guild Behavior/Chat
 Posted 03 Sep 2017 

Hey guys, (read this)
This is a post generally about guild behavior(with a focus on guild chat).
First of all, I'd just like to say that being in CUTE isn't about having the tag on your head, we're more as a family here, and being a PvX guild, we welcome everyone.
Thus, with over 380 players in the guild, its impossible to expect everyone to love each other. But we need everyone to feel welcome.
And we're failing at that currently, it sucks hearing about the people who are muting chat, stopping to rep the guild, leaving CUTE, because of the problems in our guild chat (and other various problems between members).
Now I ain't perfect and I dislike people too, but we've got to show respect, first and foremost, to our guildly family. We've gotta stop the internal fights and disputes.
HELP US :D We can't help anyone if we don't know the problem. "We" is everyone in the guild, the leaders, officers, guild heroes or anyone at any rank you're good friends with,
but its good to let officers/leaders know(PS: screenshots of any problems is beyond handy). We're working to keep improving the guild and if people have any ideas, please tell us!
So in general, respect each other in guild chat, be nice, don't make fun of each other and please avoid spamming it with single lines of messages, linking a single item, or the full caps for lines and lines of text (IM COOL WITH SOME CAPS)
And if things go a bit off in guild chat, try steer it back in the right direction perhaps by whispering the person or just asking nicely for them to stop :D And if people ask you to stop, please be respectful about it.
And just a little side note on something we don't have a particular say on, its just us asking a favor - try be respectful outside the guild too, we don't want a bad name :D For all the wvwers they know I whisper people and ask them to be nicer if I hear bad stuff :P
 Posted by, Conzor 
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Lottery reminder
 Posted 18 Jul 2017 

A little Lottery reminder. For those who dont know :D

<3 Buying a ticket for the lottery:
- You can pay for 1 week at a time, 2, 3 or all 4 weeks all at once.
- A ticket cost 5g pr week
- You can buy max one ticket pr week.

<3 How does it work:
- There's one winner pr week
- There's 3 weekly and 1 monthly
- 50% of the weekly gold will go to our monthly lottery
- We find the winner Sunday each week.
- When you buy a weekly ticket you will have the possibility to win that week.
- The winner get 50% of the gold collected (other 50% will go to monthly)
- We use a random name picker to find our winners

<3 Monthly lottery:
- The 5g ticket you buy for the monthly (week 4) will all go to monthly + the 50%x3 from each weekly = A lot of money
- The amount of times you join weekly, your name will be added to the random name picker. The more you join the bigger your chance are.

//Mojo xx
 Posted by, MissMojo 
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 Posted 10 Jul 2017 

Hey Cuties :D
Just wanted to let you know/remind you, that we got a absent rank, for those of you who cant get online for a longer period of time. Atm we got some members who's been offline for over 1 month. If you've been offline or have an idea if you've been off for a long time, let us know so we can give you the rank.
If you now see anyone on the roster list offline for 1month +, and you know they will be back, please let us know :D

More info about the "absent rank" under rank system :D
 Posted by, MissMojo 
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Teh WvW Posteroo
 Posted 25 May 2017 

Ok SO! Read this if you're interested in WvW, i'll put a tl;dr at the bottom if your lazy like me
CUTE WvW Raids : Ok, Pontiac made his post, and we were discussing this, I'm actually going to put a hold on CUTE raids till after my exams and when i get back from holiday, (end of June), and we can start them up again if people want to. I'm not 100% sure what people want in terms of open, closed, scheduled or spontaneous raids. I'll still be tagging on resets,weekends just not scheduled :D
FSP: The 2nd part is, I'm not a big fan of FSP. With anet constantly giving us links so we stay rank 1, its a a pretty mixed server. Plenty of toxic, huge ego players, and plenty of friendly people too. And stupid queues for a map with no commander.
For me, i'm bored every single weekday because EB is just a mess on fsp, it's rarely fun there. This is a personal thing, where im looking at what server i'd like to be on, its not a necessarily a CUTE move and there'll be no forced moving to a new server if me/pontiac decide to go there.
So what i'm doing right now is moving my second account to piken (the server i'd be considering a move to, if i were to move), and going to see if i prefer it there enough to warrant a move. I still love server pride, having been on fsp for years now, and really like quite a few ppl here outside of CUTE also.
tl;dr -> WvW raids on hold till end of June. Bored of fsp outside weekend, considering moving to piken. Will post an update again soon or end of June. Can message me ingame or comment here your opinions on anything related to what i've said.
 Posted by, Conzor 
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PvE Raids
 Posted 23 May 2017 

Hey Cuties :D

Friday's PvE raid has been moved to Saturday same timing :D
See you there
 Posted by, NobleOne 
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 Posted 04 May 2017 

Hey Cuties :D
I know there's been some confusion about raids and so. There's info about raid on the forum :D
We ofc add info on Facebook, here on the web and on the forum. Some Cuties have slowly started to use the forum.
In the top we got:
- Event (with events planned for you guys)
- Work in Progress (What Tweekie and I are planning, news to the webpage/forum, and info on whats been done)
- There's PvE Raid builds, you can also add ur own for ppl to see and use.
- There "Suggestions" if things you think we need or should do/get
- Gallery for all kinds of screens and pics
- Guildes and help
- Community (where the cuties can be found also)
 Posted by, MissMojo 
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Upcoming Event :D
 Posted 28 Apr 2017 

Hey Cuties :)

There will be an upcoming event at Saturday 12:00 PM servertime. As soon as the event text is posted, the event begins and will continue on for 24 hours :D So be on the lookout, to try and win delicious prizes.

- For the event you would need to be on the forum. Go, and create your account.
 Posted by, MissMojo 
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You asked for it!
 Posted 16 Apr 2017 

It is finally here, the much requested addition to the webpage: Forums! :D

It's still in it's early stages so it's still kind of basic, but don't worry, more features and improvements WILL come.

Go check it out ^^

Note: if something looks​ a bit off, like missing colours or similar design weirdness, try in your browser, pressing shift + f5 or ctrl f5

// Tweekie
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WvW Raid (Wednesay just)
 Posted 05 Apr 2017 

Guys for the WvW tonight (wednesday just), we're going to try start it at 5pm/17:00 server time -> basically, for you its the same local time as it was before the clocks went forward.
I'll explain why later on just making this a short post :D
If you're not able to join that early dont worry if ur 30 mins - 1 hour there probably wont be a queue and if it is it'll be very small.
 Posted by, Conzor 
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8-Bit Goodness
 Posted 02 Apr 2017 

Moto have been tinkering with our website. SAB infestation xD
Enjoy the 8-bit era, even when not in-game ^^

// Tweekie
 Posted by, TweekieMusen 
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Happy Spring Cuties
 Posted 27 Mar 2017 

Hi Cuties
No matter how long the Winter is, Spring is sure to follow.

I want to wish you all a wonderful and joyful Spring, with all the good things this season can bring.
May there be as much warmth and never-ending happiness in your life, as there are cherry blossoms in the trees.

Happy Spring Cuties
<3 Mojo

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A new raid day but with another guild
 Posted 26 Mar 2017 

Hey Cuties 🙂

We have a guild that wants us to join in their PvE raid. They have given us 6 open spaces, just for us on Saturday 7:30 pm server time. It will be an inexperienced raid, but of course experienced people are welcome to join with the understanding that most of the rest are inexperineced. They wish to have a stable team as well. If you are interested in joining, please let me know and sign up with your raidable characters on the raid page 🙂

Ps: Dont forget to sign-up for our own raids as many people have not yet signed up for the new raid page. It's easy, simple and quick, as well as not needing to readd your toons each week as before and simply changing the dates available.
 Posted by, NobleOne 
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Repping Status
 Posted 20 Mar 2017 

Hey guys,
Just a quick post to address some things Mojo mentioned earlier (scroll down or check it on website).
The "100% rep" has left some people worried that if they don't rep we'll have a problem with it. It's NOT like that -> It's flexible, we ask that you rep us as your main guild but if you need to rep another guild for something such as PvP matches, PvE/WvW raids/World bosses etc. then that's fine with us 🙂
Just try and message an officer/leader to inform us so we know as you guys will be aware we're trying to reduce non-rep.
 Posted by, Conzor 
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Raid Signup Rebuilt
 Posted 15 Mar 2017 

Hi cuties! <3

So I've spent the last few days rebuilding our raid signup on the webpage.

First off, when you now click on raid, instead of being met by a shallow text saying "no raids planned", it instead shows a more detailed description on how our raids work. It shows if a raid has been planned, what days and times, who's ben assigned and a short raid description, like which bosses we are after, who's leading and such.
From now on when you sign up for a raid, you will get a list of all you characters signed up, which dates. Previously you had to remove you characters again after a raid, but now you will see it marked as "expired", you can now choose to remove and add it for a new raid, or you can simply hover over where it says "change date to:" and simply pick one of the new raid dates.

The backend for the raid "arrangers" has gotten a bit more convienient. They now have a list of all upcoming raids, they can click the dates and get a list of people whos signed up for that particular date, and easy click a button to select people they want for the raid, and who they want on standby. Standby people now are connected to the date they signed up for, where as before they would be standby for all planned raids xD
Also when a raid date has passed it will automatically disappear from the list, so no more manually labor ^^ All you need to do now is setup future raids :)

We are also not limited to only 2 raids at a time now.

I thinks that about it for now, happy raiding cuties! <3

Feel free to ask if you have any questions :)

// Tweekie
 Posted by, TweekieMusen 
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A little bit of all :D <3
 Posted 02 Mar 2017 

<3 Hey Cuties :D

<3 PvE Raids.
We started PvE Raids again. If you want a spot in one of the raid groups, be sure to sign up for raids under the raid tab.
Once the Raid Leaders got a day and time, they will add in on the page, and let you know ingame in MOTD. Remember to keep an eye on the raid page to see if you have been selected for the upcoming raid, or whether you are standby (Standby can easily get a spot, if someone cancel, has to go for some reason or if the raid leader wanna try a different combination)
- Remember you can sign up for raid on all your characters if they got the right builds. Ascended gear ain't required for all bosses in the raid, but we do prefer that your weapon is ascended. If you need help with gear, builds or just want to know if your charterer is raid-ready, feel free to ask Pepsi.2945 or NobleOne.6274

<3 PvP leading / Team Leader
We have more and more members asking about PvP teams, and I know some are just running solo, as we don't have anything going on there. I know we've got some members who don't do much PvP, and some who live in there 😛 So I wanted to know if anyone is interested in leading and maybe guiding some of the newer/less experienced players, or perhaps setting up some PvP teams, with/without Teamspeak/Discord.

<3 Representing / non rep.
For some time now we kept an eye on our guild roster, as some members either forget to represent the guild or found a new one. Both things are okay, but it would be good to know what the reason is, as it will make it a lot easier for us to keep track of what is going on.
As it looks now, we're only inviting people if they can represent us 100%, as we try to reduce the number of non-rep.
We started mailing/whispering members with a rank from spawn and up, who aren't representing us, to find out the reason for this. We are also keeping an eye on people with a non rep rank, to see if they represent the guild at any time.
So basically, we will contact people again and discuss it with them before we do anything. It's just a friendly conversation, we'd like to minimise the amount of non rep in CUTE and this is a good way to go about it. It's not a personal conversation just us trying to find out where people are and then make decisions based on that.

<3 Lottery
Remember that we have the Weekly Lottery every week. 4 weeks total, 1 of which is Monthly Lottery. The pool size of the monthly depends on the weekly Lottery. 50% from each weekly goes towards the monthly. For each week you join the lottery, the chances for you to win the monthly lottery increases, as your name is added to a random name picker the amount of times you have joined the weekly (this is reset after every monthly).
One ticket costs 5 gold and and you can choose to buy one ticket per week or all weeks at once(20 golds). You can participate by buying a ticket from Me, Little Miss Mojo or Noble killer.

//Mojo xx
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Dissapointing Patch Day
 Posted 07 Feb 2017 

So due to ''technical'' errors by a power loss at anet we didn't get a patch today :(

''Monday's snowstorm caused a power outage at ArenaNet. Due to the aftereffects of that, today's #GW2 update will be later than usual. ~RB2''

Oh well, tomorrow perhaps =]!

 Edited by, Artixera [07 Feb 2017] 
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We all feel with Josa in this time of need
 Posted 05 Feb 2017 

Pray for Josa for this upcoming Episode 4 patch ^^
 Posted by, Artixera 
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PvE Raids are back!!
 Posted 03 Feb 2017 

Its the time ya'll been waiting for! New pve raid days have been uploaded on our website. If you don't have an account on our website, then plz go and make an account. Then go to the raid sign-up page and add all characters u have available for raiding one at a time. as well as the days u can raid.
There is a secret code to make an account on our website for the 1st time, and u can contact Little Miss Mojo or Princess Tweekie for it.
Thank u all and sorry about the wait i caused u :)
 Posted by, NobleOne 
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CUTE Rust Server
 Posted 29 Jan 2017 

The last couple of days we have been working on settings up a server for the game RUST.
At the moment we host the server ourselves so it is not online 24/7, but we are looking into signing up with a hosting service.

If any of you cuties are interested in joining us, do the following:
- Start you RUST game
- When at the title menu, press 'F1' on your keyboard.
- A console prompt should appear
- Type in: connect
- You should now be connected to our CUTE server :)

Don't own RUST, but want to, and for a cheap price? (*Limited time, 2 days left)
Go to (link:
Find the bundle called "Best of 2016", press "Pay what you want", and "beat" the average price (at the moment of typing, price is at 4.30$). Bonus, you'll get other great games as well :D.

Hope to see you in game :)

//Best regards, Tweekie
 Posted by, TweekieMusen 
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Happy New Year
 Posted 31 Dec 2016 

<3 Hey Cuties :D Happy New Year :D 🍸<3
We hope you all get a really good, fun, and safe evening tonight with ur friends and family. Take care of yourself and others around you, celebrate the year that has passed, and welcome the new. Cute wishes everyone a very Happy New Year and we hope the coming year will bring you luck, happiness and joy. We look forward to another good year together
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Merry Christmas Cuties
 Posted 24 Dec 2016 

Verry Merry Christmas Cuties 🎄🎅
We wish you all a Merry Chistmas
and a tummy full of sweets
May your days be full of laughters and smiles
as you forget about yesterday's hardships
We love you all, more and more each day
and hope the new year is more amazing than ever before
We know our will be
Because you all will be there
Hope all your wishes will come true
 Posted by, MissMojo 
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Upcoming features
 Posted 03 Dec 2016 

Hey All :D
Wanted to let everyone know that we are working on a lot of this page.
If anyone got any ideas or so feel free to add a comment below :D
Working on at the moment:
- Forum
- New schedule / better colors (monthly view)
- Winter Theme for the site
- Pve Raid Builds
- Shout-box or fixing the chat on the site
- Member-profile / wish and goal list

 Posted by, MissMojo 
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Halloween Picture - Guild
 Posted 03 Nov 2016 

Hey Cuties :D It's finally done... Our Cute Halloween guild picture! :D

Cant believe we had 55+ members there :D Our last guild photo had 30+. If we get more on the next photo then we will have hard time fitting people in :D

We have a link below to a full size version ❤

//Mojo xx
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Halloween Guild Picture
 Posted 27 Oct 2016 

Hi Cuties :D Our Halloween Photo will be taken:
Next Saturday - 29 oct, at 6 Server time :D
I linked the old Guild pic so you can see what we aim for, and a pic of the place where we will take our Halloween photo.
You can use your normal gear, outfit or so, there is no rules there.
Last time I asked ppl to go to different places. I might call out where i need tall and small ppl :D (Charr's and norns) We will stand where i am, and on the floor under.

A few rules :D
- No ranger pets
- No poly-infustions
- Some back items might be to big, but we will see and fit it in
- No mini pets (will also see when we are there)

//Mojo :D xx
 Posted by, MissMojo 
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Guild Lottery
 Posted 10 Oct 2016 

Hey Cuties <3
Weekly Guild Lottery starts today.

For those of you who wants to participate:
- You can buy a lottery ticket for 5g, and max 1 ticket pr. week.
- Starts every Monday till 4pm server time on Sundays.
- You can send the gold through in game-mail to Litte Miss Mojo or Noble Killer so we can keep track of everyone.

Every Sunday at 4:45pm server time, we will draw 2 winners.
- The 1st winner will receive 50% of the gold, and the
- The 2nd winner will receive 25%.
- The rest of the 25% will go to the monthly.
- This event will be repeated 3 times in a month

As this is something new, we hope that later on more and more will join the lottery, so that the price will be larger and therefor more fun.

I added the events (start and end) in the event schedule here on our site. Under Events, if you scroll down to weekly events you can see "Lottery" and just below that Monthly Lottery.

//Mojo <3

 Edited by, MissMojo [10 Oct 2016] 
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OMG epic Raffle hype number two!
 Posted 03 Oct 2016 

Now we've got the precurser "The lover" in a raffle :P
From now to next Sunday you can enter - 10 gold to enter / can buy max two tickets (get your name added to the random generator twice if you buy two)
Simply mail me in-game (Conzor.3415) wanting to enter (include your account name in case I don't recognise a character name)
Basically, exact same as last time but you get more moneys for winning :D

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Guild Raffle
 Posted 17 Sep 2016 

OMG epic Raffle hype!:P

This week we've got the precurser "The Energizer" in a raffle :P

From now to next Saturday you can enter - 10 gold to enter / can buy max two tickets (get your name added to the random generator twice if you buy two)
Simply mail me in-game (Conzor.3415) wanting to enter (include your account name in case I don't recognise a character name)

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WvW Raids Update
 Posted 07 Sep 2016 

Quick (ha) update on WvW Raids:
Wednesday -> No more formal CUTE raid (due to fluctuation in numbers, summer is over /cry)
Replaced by : I'll see if i can start organising open raids in WvW (FSP) under CUTEs name. It isn't guaranteed but i'll do my best.
Saturday -> Raid is going ahead as normal and i'll post an update about it on Saturday night.
That was shorter than I expected it to be xD
Love you all for joining and supporting raids so far (Let's not let them end)
 Posted by, Conzor 
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WvW Transfer Loan
 Posted 31 Aug 2016 

Hey cuties, Pontiacboy here o/
As our wvw raid is on fsp and some are still trying to join our server but don't have whats needed to join. We have started a guild bank saving for those of you who want to join us in the fights. For those interested in the loan come in contact with me, either here or on Gw2.

The rules of this loan goes as followed:
-Your rank has to be Cute Fighter or higher.
-50% has to be paid back of what you loan
-Approved by a hero,officer or leader.
-The server you join must be Far shiver peaks.

As we just started this helping hands are needed. So if anyone wants to help your fellow guildie to join FSP, feel free to add a little gold to the guild bank in the 2nd tab as seen bellow.
 Posted by, MissMojo 
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Cute *Total Makeover Kit* Giveaway
 Posted 30 Aug 2016 

Heeeey Cuties :D
I had this thing in mind for some time now. Its a "take a screen shot" giveaway :D In this giveaway the winner will get a *Total Makeover Kit*.

All it takes are a little screenshot. In all towns you can find a NPC "Aesthetician [Makeover Preview]". She allows you to preview the Total Makeover Kit features. If you are looking to change your character and wanna win this Kit, do as follows:
- Go to the NPC, change your character how you want it to look.
- Take a screenshot of the change (I added a example) It can be of the face or full body, its all up to you.
- Once you are done, add your screenshot here on this post, on the webpage or mail it to me on (only one place is needed)

The winner will be picked Sunday at 16 Server time.
- If you got any questions feel free to ask me, Little Miss Mojo, ingame.

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The CUTE Anthem by Monka Chonk
 Posted 29 Aug 2016 

We're CUTE and fight together
We fight for Tyrian Peace
We vanquish all the monsters
We fight for Tyrian Peace

(Chorus 1)
The Dragons cannot slumber
The Modrem cannot sleep
We're CUTE and fight together
We fight for Tyrian Peace.

Through PvP and Raids,
We kill all that we see
threaten our stability
we vanquish everything

(Chorus 2)
Through world vs. world and and PvE
Through thick and thin we stand

We're CUTE and fight together
We fight for Tyria's Land
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PvE Raid With Bob and the Cuties
 Posted 26 Aug 2016 

Hey Cuties, we would like to plan and do PvE Raid :D
So we would like to know which of you are interested in joining our raid, which character you have, and what their build is?
You can give us your answer here below or send a ingame mail to: Noble Killer / NobleOne.6274
 Posted by, MissMojo 
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Discord server - Come chat with us ;)
 Posted 11 Aug 2016 

Hey hello everyone! Great news everyone! New times are upon us, DJ and May worked a bit tonight and now we have our own Discord server! Follow this link to join the server
Click her to join us , if you have any questions, feel free to ask Hannes Ashgrove - Hannes Ashgrove.8560
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The Cuties
 Posted 05 Jul 2016 

The cuties together inside the guild hall.
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WvW Raid Builds
 Posted 01 Jul 2016 

Alright, per request after our first WvW guild raid yesterday, I've setup a page for the main builds we will be using for next raid. The builds can be found here, or in the right column, under "TeamSpeak Info".
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"____________ I choose you"
 Posted 19 Jun 2016 

Heeeey Cuties :D
Some have been talking about pokémon's after seeing my little asura ele. And you guys started talking about making pokemon chars. I think that could be fun. I made mine.. Which pokémon will you be? Asura?

I was thinking about making the names with an "A" in-front of the name. That way when you do /sit /dance /wave it will looks more fun. "A Pikachu is bursting out some moves..." And the names will have a higher chanced of being available.
List with ideas:

Click here for all Pokémon names
 Edited by, MissMojo [19 Jun 2016] 
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I need a Hero :D
 Posted 11 May 2016 

Hey Everybody!
CUTE is gonna get a few changes and this is important because it involves everyone to become a tighter community and to bring us together.
The first change ''Guild Hero Rank And Event Schedule''
Our view on this rank is that it involves organising events that the guild can participate in, more so than the other was never meant to be a traditional climb in rank. There has been a cleanup in the Hero ranks to make place for those who feel that they can provide events to the Guild!

A weekly schedule has been implemented on this website.
It can be used by Guild Heroes to plan events that members can find on the webpage, link via facebook and information in-game in message of the day. With this schedule, our members can easy find out if any Guild Hero are planning events such as; Dragon Stand runs, a Silverwastes farming day, someone teaching Fractals/Dungeons or any sorts of farm event. We encourage anyone of any rank to organise events and if you're not organising something try to join in on some of the events others are doing. If anyone has got something in mind that they want to do for, or with the guild, feel free to post it on the schedule - if you want to make sure it will be good/useful, run it through with someone you trust in the guild! :)
Events can be made on the same day and time as long as it's not the same kind of event. For example, it's not a good idea to have two Dragon's Stand events at the same time.
- Regular events like Guild Missions and Hannes Radio show will always be marked on Sunday evenings. (The Radio will air after the Guild Mission)

A little example how it would work with a event schedule - its up to all of us to make this work and play as a Guild:
- Zillov leads Guild Missions every week and will do high tiered Fractals or other stuff
- Conzor will most likely run frequent EotM or WvW (If Conzor ain't commanding a group of guildies can still run together and following the karma train)
- Mojo and Tweekie will run Dungeons, Fractal on all levels and will join in on, EotM, Meta events and so on.

Doing this is not only building a community but its fun for everyone, it creates activities that you still gain from, gold, experience, fun, building friendships etc etc. The most important thing is that we'd be ready to join in for this, it would not be much fun if you don't join in on the events. Since there's now more spots available in the Hero rank, they are all up for grabs.

With this we encourage everyone to create an account here on the site.
 Posted by, MissMojo 
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With great power comes great responsibility - Scribe
 Posted 10 May 2016 

Cute Legends can now place and remove decorations in the guild hall. So if you are having fun making some awesome things with scribe, you can now place your own and others decorations around the hall. Cute Legends are also able to queue up decorations and schismatics in the Assembly Device that are located next to the scribe station inside the Guild Hall.

Cute Fighter can also queue up decorations and schismatics in the Assembly Device inside the Hall. Fighters are also able to decorate and remove decorations inside the arena.
If anyone with a rank below Cute Fighter are crafting and wanna queue up things in the Assembly Device in order to continue, feel free to ask anyone, Leader, Officer or fellow Member for help.

Rules for placing and removing:
- Don't remove other peoples things unless they let you.
- If you place things you don't like remember to remove it again
- Try to not place things in areas where people wont go, such as on top of the Hall in a corner somewhere.
- The middle at the spawn waypoint need to be clear so don't place anything there :D
 Posted by, MissMojo 
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New features on the website!
 Posted 28 April 2016 

Alright so I finally got back to work on the website and have a few new interesting features for you guys! :)

First off, weekly schedule is now online, here you can get a view of guild created events for the week, like Guild Mission, Asylum Radio, Fractal runs, and so forth.

As if that wasn't exciting enough, I've managed to put together a Guild Chat here on the page for people that like to keep in touch even when not in game :D For being able to use the chat, you are required to have an account here on the page, which you can get HERE. If the chat is not already displayed in all it's glory, you can make it show by pressing the little "speech bubble" in the lower left corner of the screen.

[Build: 0.5.8]
- I've added a comment feature here on the front-page, so you can give your opinion on the posts, and be a part of the community. We appreciate your input :)
(Note: This feature requires you to have a login and be logged in)

[Build: 0.5.7]
- Admins now have an easy time managing recruitment applications sent through our "Recruitment" section.
- The "About [CUTE]" page got a bit of a facelift, and Mojo rewrote the text.

[Build: 0.5.6]
- It's now possible for admins to post/edit and delete posts on the front page.

- - - - -
I think that is all for now. Take care cuties!
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New Guild Logo - Which ones do you like?
 Posted 20 November 2015 

See anything you like? Of course you do! Send the number of the ones you like in game to: Little Miss Mojo.
 Posted by, TweekieMusen 
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The Guild Lottery - Your Chance at the riches
 Posted 12 November 2015 

So there is no news that the guild halls costs a lot....LOTS ;_;
if you want some fun numbers, ley-line Infused tools only right now for 1 upgrade is 350g...

So we need a way to get this gold in motion, a way for us to actually reach these goals without putting the strain on a core group of people who does it out of good will.

So here's my suggestion, we start a weekly lottery, today, right now, asap, at this very moment, now o/

The way this will work is that we will go with either 1 or 2 maybe even 3 pots to participate in but this will mostly depend on how many that we can get to participate each week.

Big Blind 10G
Small Blind 5g

Big Blind is for us who farm a bit of gold each week, we have an average playtime of 3h a day perhaps more during Saturday and Sundays, it's the bet that us who does much PvE can likely live with.

Small Blind is for us who play an hour or 2 at a time here and there and can't consistantly spend time getting a amount of gold, in particular this is a lot better for regular wvw and PvP players who has much less consistant rewards

My thinking is by the following, [EXAMPLE] let's say that we have 50 people participating in the Big Category 10gx50 = 500g every week this means i'll have 50 names to run through a RNG generator to get the weeks winners, a total of 5 with nr 1 winning a 1/5th 100g!! 2-3-4th place sharing a 1/5th = 33g each and then place 5 who gets the bet back 10g, do the math and that leaves 290g for us to use On the guild halls, and you get to decide what you do with the gold you win, use it on your own or use it for the guild ^^ [EXAMPLE]

Add that the same system would work for the small bet would mean that there is also a sub pot to add to the 290g that we would already have From the bigger Blind.

That's 8 people winning each week!! and the 2 that gets their investment back which means a total of 10 winners! The more people participate, the higher the rewards are for the winners and the more we get to use for the guild halls

Each week after Guild Missions on Sundays Mojo or Zillov will announce the weeks winners of the Guild Lottery. The way you would participate is by sending Either Mojo Or Zillov a mail with your gold so that we can note your participation for the week Last minute to enter the lottery is right before we head out for the Guild Missions.

This is by far the best way for everyone to chip in and help with the guild halls since there is such big amounts of money to finish the construction of Guild Halls instead of having to ask you to just donate gold.

But we need a certain Participation rate, therefore i have set limits of atleast 20 participants in each Blind for it to roll full rewards. If a category doesn't hit its mark we will lower the number of winners to 1 in that roll instead of 5 per roll to conserve gold for the guild hall =]

We also understand that all won't be able to participate, some can't login more than once a week if even that but we sincerely ask you for the sake of the guild to participate in the weekly lottery if you have the funds to participate, you might even come out on top big time! ^^

Here are some quick ways on how to earn rather quick gold to liquify:

1. Silverwastes Breach and Vinewrath farming, also Chest farming for those who still run it.
2. Daily Fractals, sell the boxes and infusions you get and rares etc, there's daily fractals for level 1-20 now which is perfect for new people!
3. Daily PvP for the new shards you get
4. Frostgorge sound champion train, not always running but its a good train to join when it is going.
5. Buying Tier 6 mats bags with Laurels from a laurel merchant, t6 is worth less now but it's a quick convert into gold if laurels has no value to you
6. Running World Bosses, the rares you get you can either straight up sell or liquify with mystic salvage kit for the Ectoplasm
7. Buying Exo's with dungeon tokens, salvaging them and selling insignas/ectos you get
8. Orr Events/Temple Events, Cursed shore rather frequently has a event train farming champion bags

There are ofcourse more ways but these are some of the easy ones that doesn't require huge amounts of time to do or get into.

So we ask you to please participate in the lottery if possible for everyones sake =]
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The Black Lion Claim Ticket Winner
 Posted 01 November 2015 

It's finally time to reveal the winner of the Black Lion Claim Ticket! It's been a tough decision, so many pretty pictures to choose from, so great job to you all :)

Alright, are you ready? xD The winner is... Michelle Schlegel!

 Posted by, TweekieMusen 
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